Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ding Dong...

It happened, finally.

But with typically opaque anti-logic, Bryan Colangelo is jettisoned from the war room to the bridge room to join Wayne Embry in the "I hang around and collect pay cheques" golden years. Why? Apparently, to not upset daddy? The title of this blog is not "Reassign BC." Alas.

Let's not dwell on the half-measures as we acknowledge Step #1 in the Post-BC era. I can't wait for the playoffs (Step #1,291 in 2016).


Johnny said...

I m disappointed that he has been retained in any capacity.

Johnny said...

I posted this on Doug Smith's blog a couple of weeks ago.

He is super.

re: I'll have to side with commenter "Truth be Told" Doug. The difference between next year as the last year of BC's contract as compared to the last time this happened was that now we've had even more losing seasons under BC. Why give him another year when his ability to lead this team is obviously in doubt?

Blogger's note: To you, maybe. No one who matters has said that outright.

Gee Doug, I would think that the opinion of fans and supporters of the team actually do matter. I guess sometimes a person like yourself might forget that without the general public voting with their dollars by buying tickets for a basketball team, watching the games on television, buying a newspaper, or reading, that yourself and Colangelo might just find yourselves out of work.

I am sorry you are so deeply offended that so many of us have decided that we would be happier if the Raptors organization would move on from the Colangelo era, and hopefully take the team in a new direction.

Your "objectivity" is very transparent when it comes to this issue. I stopped reading your column long ago, just happened to glance at it today, and feel glad about all the time I didnt waste this past season reading your MLSE / Bryan Colangelo cheerleading section. Too bad we didnt get Steve Nash as well ? A 40 year old point guard would have definitely made sense for a team which by your own admission was 2 - 3 years away from being competitive in a weak conference. EAD buddy.

Blogger's note: Frankly, your opinion doesn't matter one lick to me.